Our Products

Corporate Banking & Cash Management

Our Corporate Banking & Cash Management solution is designed to provide the bank's corporate customers with a broad, yet simplified view of their accounts. The solution enables the bank’s corporate clients to carry out several banking operations and to closely control their accounts via cutting edge cash and risk management tools. Offering enhanced functionality, the solution provides for versatile reporting and Management Information System (MIS) tools, as well as extensively calibrated notifications and alerts.

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Trade Finance

Clusus Information Solutions’ ‘Trade Finance’ solution facilitates the automation and centralization of standard processes such as Export, Import documentation, Negotiation, Quotation, and Remittances. This allows banks to offer improved customer services and ensures timely and accurate payments in trading, to the benefit of both buyers and sellers.

Treasury Management

Our ‘Treasury Management’ solution integrates everything from cash management to capital markets & funding, risk management and financial management, where you can automate your business policies as system processes that can be monitored in real-time to ensure compliance and demonstrate strong governance.