Corporate Banking & Cash Management

Corporate clients typically maintain several bank accounts in various different currencies. Considering the nature of their business and the complexity of their banking needs, corporations require an efficient means of properly managing their accounts and a way to easily perform different types of banking transactions. They want to deposit checks and conduct domestic and cross border payments without the need to have a physical presence at the bank branch. Corporate clients also need to be able to track their transactions and funds, as well as uncover their expected liquidity to enable effective risk management.

Clusus Information Solutions offers your bank an opportunity to provide your corporate clientele with competitive services that are critical to their bottom line. Manifesting decades of unparalleled experience in banking and payment solutions, Clusus Information Solutions introduces its fully-fledged Corporate Banking & Cash Management solution.

Clusus Corporate Banking & Cash Management solution is designed to provide the bank’s corporate clients with a broad, yet micro-managed view of their accounts. The solution enables your corporate clients to carry out several banking operations, enabling them to closely control their accounts using cutting edge cash and risk management tools. The Corporate Banking & Cash Management feature offers versatile reporting and Management Information System (MIS) tools, as well as extensively calibrated notifications and alerts.

Value-Added Solution

With a complete set of banking service requests integrated directly with your bank’s Core Banking System (CBS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, corporate agents do not need to visit bank branches to carry out regular duties, such as requesting a check book, a statement of accounts or balances.

Various types of payments can be done with no physical presence of corporate clients at the bank or direct intervention of bank users. Payments and deposit checks can be submitted electronically over a secure channel from corporate premises. The solution processes the submitted transactions in a Straight-Through-Processing (STP) manner by integrating with the CBS and Check Clearing System interfaces at the bank, and then updates the transaction status in the Corporate Banking & Cash Management repository.

The solution provides your bank and corporate clients with dashboards, alerts, and rich reporting that enables the user to monitor transaction statuses. Several reports can be generated and those include corporate payments, deposit and inward checks, account transactions, forecast information and MIS data.

All necessary information relating to accounts, payments and liquidity are made readily available and easily accessible to authorized users.

All this results in corporate clients realizing enormous benefit and efficiencies that fulfill their needs and encourage them to consolidate their accounts and financial activities with your bank.


Payment Management

Clusus Corporate Banking & Cash Management solution enables the bank’s corporate customer to initiate, track and complete a wide range of payment types, including:

  • International Remittances
  • ACH Payments
  • Domestic RTGS Payments
  • Intra-bank Accounts Transfers
  • Reconciliation
  • Collections


A vast range of reports are made available with our Corporate Banking & Cash Management solution, covering all business, financial and security reports banks and corporate clients require. Examples of these reports include cash position, account balances and liquidity management reports, all of which can be availed for the current day, the previous day or any time period requested by the user.

The Corporate Banking & Cash Management solution offers integration with the bank’s Core Banking System (CBS) and any internal reporting system to provide a front-end interface that allows corporate clients to pull bank-generated systematic and upon-request reports using a special secure cache provided by the CBS.

Check RDC

The Corporate Banking & Cash Management solution offers a Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) module that facilitates the capturing of check items remotely from corporate locations. Corporate clients can validate and deliver checks immediately to the bank, where they get to join the clearing process without the need to physically present the paper checks to the depositing bank teller.

By using Corporate Banking & Cash Management, corporate clients can easily track and inquire about the status of their deposited checks and any outward check payments made, in addition to remotely performing check-related operations, such as stop payment, positive pay, check image search and archiving.

Export and Import Facilities

Banks deal with a wide variety of corporate clients who operate different internal accounting, CRM, invoicing, billing and risk management systems. This is catered for by Clusus Corporate Banking & Cash Management solution as it provides a set of export and import facilities that perform the movement of data between the Corporate Banking & Cash Management solution and internal systems of corporate clients via generic integration interfaces.


Dashboards provide online, real-time text and graphic based representation of all payments and currency positions relevant to corporate accounts. The active dashboards provide users with quick navigation to the proper reporting or functional workflow, resulting in a prompt response to triggered events.


A wide range of parametric notifications of system events are provided by Clusus Corporate Banking & Cash Management solution. Notifications are essentially deployed to alert bank and corporate users about special events in the system that require their attention. Notifications include payment actions and account position watermarks.