About Us

Clusus Information Solutions is a leading provider of banking and payment solutions focused bestowing excellence and distinction to the Banking and Financial industry.

“Clusus” is a Latin word which means ‘enclosed’ or ‘protected.’ Our name resembles our powerful commitment to the type of critical solutions we offer our clients; solutions that will always be reliably fortified and secure.

At Clusus Information Solutions, we dedicate our experience and expertise in payments and banking to ensure bespoke high quality solutions that are delivered on-time and tailored to the exact needs of our clients.

With a focus on automating banking services, Clusus Information Solutions specializes in offering mature Corporate Banking and Cash Management solutions that truly realize the corporate banking cycle, covering all aspects, including all necessary modules of participating entities.

Clusus Information Solutions also provides Trade Finance solutions that automate different processes of trade financing including Supply Chain Finance, Factoring, Structured Commodity Finance and many more.

Clusus Information Solutions also offers Treasury Management solutions that allow banks to manage their clients’ liquidity, while mitigating their operational, financial and reputational risk.

Our staff consist of talented and certified professionals with over 30 years of accumulated experience in banking, business analysis, system design, software development, product and project management, business process re-engineering and implementation; all of whom execute leading edge agile practices and methodologies.

Our Vision

To provide the banking industry with premium customizable and customer-oriented solutions that enable the automation of real-time banking services.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering consistently advanced and high quality leading edge banking and payment solutions to our clients.


  • Technology Expertise

    Focusing on technological advancement through research and development ensures that our employees are always up-to-date with the latest technology and able to engineer innovative solutions which introduce new concepts to our clients, raising international banking and payment standards.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction is the most important metric that measures a company’s reputation. The customer is king and surpassing a customer’s expectations is key for us. We guarantee successful delivery of all projects and the building of solid long-term relations, creating an unrivalled market reputation based on trust and confidence in the quality of our innovative solutions.